You might know me a little bit already.  I’m the Gnarly Gnome, though, I’m not actually a gnome, and not nearly as gnarly as I see myself in my own head.  I’ve been running a beer blog over at where I talk exclusively about Cincinnati beer, but I have another side too that I don’t get to share over there on that site.

I’m a drinker.

I mean… I think they all know that I’m a drinker, but I’m talking to a different level than a lot of them realize.  I love all things drinking.  I love booze, wine, sake, cider (I’m getting there with it), and the mixed cultures that go along with the art of drinking.

I wanted  a place to share that with the world the same way that I have been able to share my love for Cincinnati’s craft beer community. That is what this site is for!

So who am I?  That’s where it gets complicated.  I’m semi-anonymous.  If you meet me out somewhere, I’d be happy to introduce myself and chat about drinking.  I never wanted my blog (or now blogs) to become about me in an egotistical way (we have plenty of those people around) and so I originally created the gnome to absorb some of that.  It’s become a little less about that now, and more just a fun “tradition” of sorts… I hope it doesn’t bother you.

So… what you’ll find here is an assortment of “stuff”, and as I get rolling with it, I’m sure it will start to define itself a little better… but for now, just hang in there and enjoy.


**It’s important to note, some of these drinks are gifts, some of them are given to me from PR firms, and some of them are purchased by my own money.  None of this changes anything about the tasting notes.  If someone sends me a drink or a product, I’ll most certainly write about it, but it’s not going to change what I write in any way.  If you’d like one of your products featured, or you’d like to get me to write about something you love – I’m up for it if you are, let me know.