This blog has grown over the years from just a random corner of the world wide web where I can share my thoughts and feelings about Cincinnati beer to a full-fledged part of my own business. It’s continued to get more and more complicated over the year – as have a lot of websites and social media. The world has certainly changed. As things have become more and more complicated – so has the fine line between entertainment, business, news, and opinions – and lots of folks out there are lazy with how they toe the line.

That’s not fair to you, as a reader. I value you and don’t ever want things to be hazy.

It’s important, first, to understand that this is a blog. A lot of the information housed on the site are opinions, thoughts, and feelings… and they are mine, and mine alone. Even when I am working with a company or a brand, my thoughts and opinions are mine, alone, and don’t reflect anyone else’s.

That’s easy.

Free Stuff

In the process of my writing, recording podcasts, making videos (or whatever I’m doing) – sometimes a brewery will mail me a beer or two. Sometimes when I’m in a taproom a pint glass will be placed in front of me at no charge. I have been given hats, t-shirts, stickers… even a fanny pack or two. When I feature anything I didn’t pay for I always try to let you know.

You should 100% know that just because someone gives me a gift – it doesn’t mean I’m going to share it, write about it, or even like it. Never will the fact that something wasn’t paid for by me ever change my thoughts or opinions on it.


Much like free stuff, sometimes I get invited to events for no charge. The same rules apply here. If I didn’t pay, I’ll let you know – and it doesn’t guarantee that I’ll talk about the event, or if I do that I’ll have positive things to say. The big thing is clarity and honesty when stuff like that happens, on my end.

The Work Side – Clients

In the course of running my company – I often work with bars, restaurants, or other companies that will also be featured on this website. If I write about one of these companies while there is an ongoing business relationship – I will always disclose that on the website. That doesn’t always retroactively apply, though. There are hundreds of posts on this blog from past years. If I wrote something in the past before we were working together – there isn’t a guarantee that there will be a disclaimer on it.

I know that it’s all a little confusing – but understand that the point of it all is to be as transparent as I possibly can. If you ever have a question about my work or the information on this blog – know that you can shoot me a message and I will get back to you to answer your concerns. I’m never trying to hide anything.

Thank you to anyone who has helped me keep this running in any way – be it a free beer, a paid job… all of it!