I have always wanted to include Dayton in what I write about… but it’s not easy. I am a one-man show, and staying up on what’s happening in Cincinnati’s craft beer scene has always been more than I can handle. But that doesn’t change this nagging feeling in the back of my head that this website should be just a tad… bigger. This is the first little piece of that bigger puzzle, it’s the Ultimate Guide to Dayton Breweries.

I’m not going to tell you that anytime in the foreseeable future I’ll be able to give the attention to Dayton in the same way that I do Cincinnati. I won’t be doing a Dayton Brewcast anytime soon (though… that certainly is a fun idea, isn’t it?). I can, though, promise you that you’re going to start seeing a lot more Dayton content coming into view.

That’s right… TheGnarlyGnome.com is your source for all of Southwest Ohio drinking information and culture…. especially beer. Which means I need your help more now than ever before. If you know some fun news that I have missed – reach out. I 100% can’t do it by myself. You guys are more important now than ever before!

The Complete Dayton Brewery List

  • Alematic Brewing
  • Branch and Bone Artisan Ales
  • Carillion Brewing
  • Crooked Handle
  • Dayton Beer Company
  • Devil Wind
  • Eudora
  • Fifth Street Brewpub
  • Hairless Hare
  • Heavier Than Air
  • Lock 27 – Centerville
  • Lock 27 – Dayton
  • Lucky Star Cantina
  • Nowhere In Particular – Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Southern Ohio Brewing
  • Star City
  • Toxic Brewing
  • The Wandering Griffen
  • Warped Wing – Dayton
  • Warped Wing – Springboro
  • Yellow Springs Brewery

Dayton Brewery Map