All About Barleycorn’s Brewhouse

Barleycorn’s Brewhouse is at first glance not much more than a brewpub, created by a restaurant company, to further enhance its offerings to its customers. When you start to peek a little deeper, though it’s a much bigger picture for their parent company – a move into an industry that clearly… some of us like.

The brewpub/taproom is the first of two brewery projects from the group. It’s the smaller of the two, which makes me really excited to see what they have planned for the other space (1842 Brewery down in Independence, KY).

They opened their doors officially on August 16th, 2022 to a great crowd. From the second they opened their doors it seems like they figured out their place in the middle of this ever-growing craft beer scene in Cincinnati – a task that can be really tough for a lot of new breweries.

What To Expect From Barleycorn’s Brewhouse

This is a brewpub, as I mentioned earlier. Their location is just south of Newport in Wilder Kentucky in an old Firehouse building. I wasn’t sure what to expect about a brewpub in a firehouse – which seems more ideal for a production space – but they nailed it. The space is bright, and open, with one wall obviously filled with massive garage doors that open up to a big patio.

The choice of bright colors, yellow and blue, really makes the space bright and airy. It’s a twist from the standard dark woods, industrial accents, and “standard” feeling that a lot of breweries lean into.

The food is great, think wings and burgers, but it also serves as a test kitchen for the Barleycorn’s chain. You can expect to see a few rotating menu items that might make their way onto the main menu for the restaurant.

The beer leans into traditional, American styles. It’s all been solid so far – which again, is impressive for a brewery just getting started! As they keep growing up, and evolving – stay tuned for what other surprises they have up their sleeve!

The Complete Barleycorn’s Brewhouse Timeline

8/16/22 – Barleycorn’s opens its doors to the public, hosting its Grand Opening.