Bircus has a taproom that is designed to be a major part of who they are… I mean, if you don’t know that when you hear that they are part circus, part brewery – you clearly need to spend a little more time trying to picture that in your mind. Because of this, though… packaging is never going to be a major part of who they are. That doesn’t mean you won’t see something from time to time!

16oz Cans

  • Cerveza 1862 – Lime Lager
  • Comic Walrus – Cranberry and Ginger Ale
  • Deeper Kilpatrick – Coffee Stout
  • Irreguliner – Fruited Berliner
  • Juggleoats – Oatmeal IPA
  • Kilpatrick’s One Legged Stout – Irish Stout
  • Lagoon – Scotch Ale
  • Minnie Grandy – Shandy
  • Oktubafest – Marzen
  • Pie Fighter – Pilsner
  • Red Nosed Giant – Hazy Triple IPA (with Nine Giant)
  • Shark Bar – Red Stout
  • Showman – IPA
  • Wunderbar Together – German Altbier
  • Zula’s Zwickel – Zwickelbier

Large Format Bottles

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Amish Collusion
  • Cherr-Berr – Cherry-Raspberry Sour Ale
  • Chocolate Donut Stout
  • Curr-Plumb – Black Currant and Plum Sour Ale
  • Farmhouse Circus – Grilled Peach and Honey Sour Blonde Ale
  • Ginger Snap Stout
  • Incinerator – Doppelbock
  • Red Wine Barrel Aged Big Panda Sour Brown
  • Whiney Quaker – Oat Wine