I don’t think that when you think of HighGrain, you’re supposed to think of a production brewery. The HighGrain model revolves heavily around their brewpub, located in Silverton for a reason: they do it really, really well. I could be wrong, but for that reason alone, I assume that from day one they didn’t have massive plans to package their beer

In February of 2020 they released their first can, though – a very small batch release of a beer called ‘Lil Joey’. It was a beer designed to give back to the Australian Wildfire relief effort. Since then, they’ve stuck with the idea of packaging beer and dialed things up quite a bit (who didn’t after 2020 ended up the way it did?).

The brewery now regularly releases new packaged beers seasonally and keeps them not only well stocked in their taproom cooler, but around town at some of your favorite beer stores, as well!

My HighGrain Beer Tasting Notes