Karrikin was born out of beer… but born with the focus on Spirits. That means that while they have their eyes trained hard on the world of booze, you still can’t take the beer out of their blood. They surprised a lot of us (including me) in February of 2020 when they quietly announced that the first two cans of Karrikin beer would soon be available on store shelves.

12oz Cans

  • Amarillo By Morning – IPA
  • Black Currant Gose
  • Citra – IPA
  • Czech Dark Lager
  • Hop Trekker – American IPA
  • Hop Trekker – German IPA
  • Hop Trekker – New Zealand IPA
  • Pils – Pilsner

12oz Cans – Seltzer, Sparkling Spirits, Etc

  • Apple, Sparkling Spirit
  • Blueberry, Sparkling Spirit
  • Bourbon Wheel – Bourbon & Lemonade
  • Hoptonic, Sparkling Spirit
  • Keylime, Sparkling Spirit
  • Modka – Hard Seltzer
    • Modka, Black Cherry
    • Modka, Blood Orange
    • Modka, Peach
    • Modka, Pineapple & Mango
  • Punch, Sparkling Spirit
  • Rum & Cola, Sparkling Spirit