NEW Ales opened their doors in 2020 as a small – no… a tiny little brewery in Middletown. They quickly opened a little taproom and started kicking out a few bottles here and there of their fan-favorites for you to take home and stock your fridge. Their size will limit how much of their beer you’ll see at any given time, and you most likely won’t be seeing on store shelves any time soon.

Large Format Bottles

  • Country Dreamer – Amber Ale
  • Hop Chowduh – NE IPA
  • Menace To Sobriety – Pastry Stout
  • Menace To Sobriety The Sequel – Pastry Stout
  • OMG Becky – Pumpkin Ale
  • Post Mow Lawn – Kolsch
  • Shut The Hell Up Steve! – Brown Ale