These guys didn’t hide the fact that not only were they going to be the city’s first lager focused brewery, but that they weren’t going to waste any time in getting their beer into packaging, too. There’s just something about a cold, clean, crisp, lager in an aluminum can that just feels… “right”.

In April of 2021, after only being open for 7 months or so, the brewery released their first cans with a bang. They rolled out not one, but three different beers into 12oz six packs as their strong core beers. I’m excited to see where things go with these folks. Their beer takes tradition and holds it dearly, while pumping out some really innovate takes on old styles, as well.

12oz Cans

  • Stubentiger – Light American Lager
  • Mettle Mayhem – India Pale Lager
  • Volume – Imperial Schwarzbier