This brewery is a little complicated, and so is how they get worked into the website here. I could make a REALLY big list of all the beers Sam Adam’s releases in packaging, but that doesn’t really fit with what this website is about, does it? Instead – we’re going to focus a little tighter. Sam Adams operates their big brewery on Central Parkway in OTR, but right across the street is a small taproom with a little brewhouse. It’s the Sam Adams Cincinnati Taproom. Form that taproom they have a series of amazing, Cincy exclusive packaged releases. That’s what this page is for!

The first release was their Utopias Barrel-Aged Barleywine, lovingly called Barleytopias, which was released on their first anniversary. Since that day, we’ve seen several other bottle releases, with some rumors of can releases coming in the near future!!!

12oz Cans

  • 513 – Hybrid Ale
  • Avena Columbiana – Oat Ale
  • Cincinnati Lager – Lager
  • Creature From The Black Lager – Double Black Lager
  • Fresh Pops, Orange Creamsicle – Fruited Ale
  • Fresh Pops, Scary Berry – Fruited Ale
  • Fresh Pops, Tropical Paradise – Fruited Ale

Large Format Bottles

  • Barleytopias – Barleywine
  • Blackbeard’s Vacation – Rum Barrel-Aged Ale
  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Double Bock
  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Black Forest Gateau
  • Stoutopias – Barrel-Aged Stout