I know you guys like this part. The future is always fun when it comes to breweries. We love speculating about what’s coming down the road, and we love watching a new project come from an idea to an actual place where we can sit down and have a beer.

Things keep growing and evolving and what seems sometimes like an absolute breakneck speed, and it’s really tough to keep track of all the “in progress” projects around town – and that’s what this page is for.

Now that I’ve said all of that, let’s talk about the disclaimer. This list isn’t even close to being comprehensive. I try my best to toe the line between talking about ideas that are exciting and only adding on projects that are actually going to happen. I hear about a lot of ideas that people are planning that never actually come to life – and it’s easy to fill a page with stuff like that and lose the ones that are actually happening in the middle of it.

Don’t let all of this stop you from reaching out to me, though. If you’re working on opening a brewery – please, feel free to reach out to me and tell me your story. I’d love to share it with folks, and would absolutely love to watch their journey as it unfolds for you!

The Completely Partial and Ever-Changing List of Cincinnati Breweries Coming Soon.

1842 Brewery – This is a project planned for a new development down in Independence, KY. It’s a great location that I think a brewery would do really well in… and a desert for breweries currently. The owners of this project are tied to the Barleycorn’s Brewhouse below… though they are two different projects.

Amp House Brewing – Tucked in a cool industrial building on Hamilton’s East Side, Amp House is a project that Hamilton has been looking to get off the ground for quite some time now. The team that they landed starts with head brewer Greg Snow (formerly of Narrow Path and Dead Low) along with Ryan Harper and Matthew Seto. They are looking to add another building along with a large field to become a beer garden. Stay tuned, as things start coming together, you’ll hear all about it here!

BC’s Brewing Co – this evolution of BC’s Bottle lodge will be located in a spot just south of Lebanon in Mason, Ohio. With a real push toward traditional styles and a nice, big beer garden, I think this is sounding like a great spot and a perfect addition to Cincy’s growing beer scene. Listen to more from Cincy Brewcast.

Braxton Union – This new Braxton taproom is going to be a one-stop shop. It’s planned for new construction down in Union, KY – just down the road from the Braxton Drive that inspired the brewery (the childhood home of Jake and Evan). It will be built in conjunction with a new Graeter’s location, as well as a new Dewey’s location, deepening the relationship between the companies.

DVDBrew – Planned for Loveland, Ohio, in a remodeled car wash, this brewery is well underway and hopes to be up and running in the very near future. Stay tuned – I’ll certainly have plenty to talk about as they get closer!

Fifty West Deerfield – This burger bar taproom is going to be great for the Deerfield area. They’re taking the model that has worked so well in their original Mariemont location and doing the same things up in Mason. Pickleball, Volleyball, Burgers and Beer – it’s a recipe that you hopefully already know and love!

Freedom Brewing – This project was announced alongside a pickleball location in Florence, Kentucky. Details are still sparse on what we’re going to be looking at, but it’s a brewpub. I’ll have more details as they become available!

Glendale House Brewery & Pizza – This small nano brewery and pizza place in downtown Glendale is moving along nicely. They have everything in place and are taking some time to get brewing and stock up on some beer before announcing an opening date… stay tuned!

Goodwood Brewing – There’s no secret that these guys are eying some expansion plans here in Cincinnati, and they have multiple taprooms rumored around the city – including two in NKY. Keep your eyes peeled and pay close attention!

Hearth Brewing – This project was announced, though it still has a few hurdles to jump through and then a construction phase. It’s planned for Harrison on Stone drive and they are going to work their butts off to be open for summer of 2024!

HighGrain Production Brewery – HighGrain finally made the announcement that they are moving into the old Brentwood Bowling location over in Finneytown. This new production facility will also house a new food concept for them and will help them keep growing into the future. I’ll definitely have a lot more to tell you about this one in the near future!

March First, Fountain Square – The brewery hasn’t started talking a lot about this new location – still busy after opening their massive distillery in Milford. It sounds like it’s going to be a massive taproom addition to their lineup with food and a full lineup of their products across all their brands. The space is where the former Rock Bottom Brewery was located and should be an absolute hit for the lunchtime and happy hour crowds.

Sonder Taphaus & Kitchen – Sonder recently announced their second location, a taproom in West Chester. This new spot will take a lot of the things that they love about their Mason brewery and taproom and some fun unique spins on it. The location is moving into the former Skally’s space in the Streets of West Chester development. The brewery still doesn’t know the timing, but is comfortable telling us that it’s happening in 2023! – Read More About This Here.

Third Eye Brewing, Hamilton – Third Eye’s big 2023 project is definitely this… a massive production brewery/taproom/barrel storage facility in Hamilton, Ohio. The brewery has been hitting the limits of its production capacity in its original spot for a while now and has been looking for ways to keep growing – this should do it! Keep your eyes peeled for more details as they get closer to things getting up and running! Read More Here.

Third Eye Brewing, Mystery Third Location – This news sort of leaked out there on Third Eye’s social media… but not only are they planning a massive second spot with their Hamilton Production facility – they’re also working on a smaller taproom sometime this year. This mystery third location is still being kept secret until everything is finalized, but they’ve hinted on Cincy Brewcast that they’re looking east.

Wandering Monsters Brewing – Talk about hype! This brewery is certainly getting quite a few folks excited about what’s in store. Jason Brewer (yes, that Jason Brewer) is at the helm of this project, and they’ll be opening their doors in early July of 2023!

Verge Brewing – Verge Brewing is looking to be right on… well… the Verge of something. They are looking at the west side of town (Price Hill) because they could help be a piece of the puzzle in revitalizing the area. The 10bbl system they are planning will go in a big space that offers up food and a place for the neighborhood to call its own (as well as to provide a destination for those looking to visit from other parts of town). This project is on hold for now because of the obvious chaos that hit in 2020. Keep your eye on them, and I’ll have more information as soon as it’s available!