All About New Riff

New Riff might not be the biggest distillery in Cincinnati, but they might be the most talked about.  Located in front of one of what I think is the worlds coolest (and definitely one of the biggest) liquor stores – The Party Source, in Newport, New Riff is beautiful, and definitely not hiding in some remote, or hard to reach spot in the city.  When New Riff first opened their doors and started distilling in 2014, they told us exactly what they wanted to do.  They wanted to focus on making some of the best bourbon that this area has ever seen.  Upon those first bottles coming out of barrel four years later – it’s clear that they weren’t messing around.  You can still get a wide range of different spirits out of New Riff… not just bourbon – from gin and the obligatory white dog, they’ve got some great stuff.  But I can’t lie to you, the bourbon (and now Rye whiskey) is where it’s at!

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