All About Northside Distilling Co

Northside has mastered the art of capturing the rural, handcrafted feeling of moonshine, and whiskey making with their operation that started literally in a barn in Northside before expanding into their swanky new digs in OTR.

Throughout the life of the distillery so far, they have put every effort into keeping their brand true to itself my not straying too far from that barn that they started out from.  Walking into their tasting room you’ll find lots of wood, dark colors and a rough character that brings to mind the moonshining spirit that I can’t help but think you want when you start your business out of an old horse barn.

Products have slowly been expanding, with the distillery using smaller barrels to make a bourbon alongside their clear corn whiskey, their moonshine and a vodka.  Things are constantly growing at Northside, so keep your eyes on what they’re doing!

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