Things have been… busy. The last year and a half has added a lot more into the mix than I ever anticipated when “The Gnarly Gnome” was born. Couple up a new business with more podcasts, more videos, more content – and we hit a breaking point. When the website crashed a couple of weeks ago it was a clear sign that I needed to flip the switch off for a little bit and figure this all out.

So, for now – there’s not any new content. That doesn’t mean I’m sitting back with my feet up and resting, though.

In fact, I’m completely rebuilding my processes, my systems, and in a few cases even more to make sure that when I flip the switch back on, things are ready to kick back in – the right way. You’ll see a few changes, but I think they’ll all make for a better experience, a smoother process behind the scenes and at the end of the day – More Content.

Hang tight, for now – the website is still here – you can read all your favorite old posts or listen to past episodes of the podcasts.

I’ll be back… soon.