If you just happened to find your way here, I think that I should let you know a little bit about what Cincy Brewcast is all about. I mean – you could just click below to listen to a recent episode… but whatever. Maybe your headphones aren’t within reach.

Cincy Brewcast is a podcast about Cincinnati’s beer scene. I’m in love with this community, and am obsessed with trying to showcase that it’s not really just about what’s in your glass. Every week the show brings you the latest news, events and yes… beers – all in the voices of the owners, the brewers and the drinkers of Cincinnati Craft Beer. It’s a Cincinnati Podcast, about the one thing Cincinnati does better than anyone else. Beer.

If you’re already a fan of the show then the biggest thing that you can do to help make this show to keep getting better, is to tell all your friends and family about it.  Follow Cincy Brewcast on social media, share it with your friends… and keep listening! If you ever find yourself out in taproom and see me tucked away in a quiet corner recording, PLEASE… come up and say hi!  It’s always great to know that there are people listening.