This was the second brew-on-premise operation here in the city.  Brewmaster’s Personal Brewery was located in the Field’s Ertel area of the city at 9980 Kings Automall Drive in a small stripmall.  They also had a small taproom where customers could sample some of their beers before deciding what they wanted to brew themselves.  Their beer was brewed, and the customers had a watchful eye, from head brewer Kelly Sauber, who helped install the original brew system at Jackie O’s.  After working in Cincinnati at Brewmaster’s, he moved on to Marietta Brewing Company where he worked for more than a decade before turning his attention to liquor at Dancing Tree Distillery, and then cider at the West End Cider House. It’s a shame that this location didn’t survive, as they just missed the new renaissance of craft beer in the city, and might have provided a great service to getting people into home brewing and into craft beer in general had they been able to last a little longer.


  • 1997 – The brewery opened
  • 1999 – The Brewery was forced to close it’s doors.