The Eagle Brewing Company is not unlike a lot of historic Cincinnati Breweries – going through a few different owners, and names in its history. Starting its life as the Lofthouse & Attee Eagle Brewery and ending its life as the Gerke Brewing Company, it lasted more than 80 years.

Notable Beers

  • Cabinet Pilsner
  • Social Session
  • Muenchener Hofbrau
  • Ordinary Lager

The Complete Eagle Brewery Timeline

  • 1829 -The Brewery starts its life as the Lofthouse & Attee Brewery
  • 1843 – William Attee dies, and Lofthouse becomes the sole proprietor
  • 1850 – William Lofthouse dies, and his widow leases the brewery to Schaller and Schiff – with rapid expansion they take it to a new level.
  • 1857 – The Eagle brewery expands with a new plant, and growth continues, becoming the largest brewery in the city by the end of the decade.
  • 1861 – Joseph Schaller buys out Johann Schiff’s part of the business
  • 1866 – The brewery becomes Schaller & Gerke Brewing Company after John Gerke buys a stake in the business.
  • 1876 – Gerke dies, and his son, George inherits his part of the business.
  • 1888 – George Gerke buys out Schaller’s three sons after their father passes away. He incorporates it, and it becomes the Gerke Brewing Company.
  • 1904 – A new building is built
  • 1913 – The brewery closes and is sold to the French-Bauer Dairy Company