The struggle to keep this brewery alive during and after prohibition is a heartbreaker. They tried to create other products, and they might have made some beer “not so legally” but in the end, their fate was no different than almost all of our other breweries of that time. The lifespan of the Herancourt Brewing Company, though, spanned almost 80 years, which deserves a mention in our city’s beer history – that’s for sure!

Notable Beers

  • When George Herancourt took over the brewery, he immediately went to work in digging some lagering tunnels, knowing how amazing this “new” style was. The Herancourt Brewery was also years later, one of the first in the city to produce pilsner beer – again a trophy that should be featured.

The Complete Herancourt Timeline

  • 1844 – The brewery was established.
  • 1847 – George Herancourt marries Barbara Juengling and according to some sources takes over the brewery which was started by her former husband, or father (multiple sources state differently)
  • 1847 – The brewery is named the Philidelphia Brewery and Herancourt begins construction on lagering tunnels underneath it.
  • 1851 – The Philidelphia Brewery is producing around 45bbls a day and running their own malting business.
  • 1860 – Production is up to 5000bbls a year.
  • 1864-1866 – Herancourt leases the Box Brewery that is owned by his brother, though the reason for this is not known, possibly to make up for increased production needs.
  • 1878 – They install a 50-ton ice machine to provide artificial refrigeration to the brewery.
  • 1879 – Production is up to 26,000bbls a year
  • 1880 – George dies, and one year later the brewery is incorporated and renamed the Herancourt Brewery.
  • 1887 – Frank Weil was president (he was married to Pauline Herancourt, George’s Daughter)
  • 1890 – Rudolph Lutterbey was president, he was also the owner of Lutterbey & Muhlhauser malt house and feed mill.
  • 1901 – Stockholders are granted a receiver to be in charge of the mismanaged finances, Philip Krug was appointed.  Shortly after taking charge, he initiated long-planned expansion.
  • 1919 – The brewery closes and becomes the Herancourt Beverage and Ice Company
  • 1921 – Struggling, they were forced to close with most of the industry.