The stories of Hudepohl and Schoenling are long and storied, while in stark contrast, the story of the merged company (Hudepohl-Schoenling) is much shorter, it still holds an important part in the history of Cincinnati Beer.

The two companies merged to become one in 1986, they had previously been rivals around town – they had now become “Cincinnati’s Brewery” – something of a dying breed in the late 80s as ‘Big Beer’ began to wreak havoc on the beer industry all across the country.  The brewery was used for a while to brew one of the upcoming craft breweries… Sam Adams.

In 1997 the Boston Beer company exercised an option in their contract with Hudepohl-Shoenling to buy the brewery.  The two companies had been working on a contract agreement with Hudeopohl/Schoenling brewing the flagship Boston Lager. This new agreement saw Boston Beer now contracting the former local brands in their old brewery.

The agreement did something very important for Hudepohl/Schoenling, though… it saved the brewery. Boston Beer still owns the brewery, and still runs production out of the space that years before, owner Jim Koch’s family once made beer.

Hudepohl/Schoenling wasn’t done, though. The brewery, just a few months later started construction on a new brewery next to their keg dock on Central Avenue.  They installed a 10bbl Century brewhouse and brewed specialty beers for keg sales only under the direction of Tim Rastetter. The contract brewing at Boston Beer continued… but their life as a local brewery wasn’t done quite yet.

In June of 1999 Hudepohl-Schoenling was acquired by Crooked River Brewing Company of Cleveland, becoming part of the Snyder International Brewing Group later in the same year.  This was also when all brewing was moved to Frederick Maryland, however, can production was contracted out to City Brewing in LaCrosse Wisconson.

Notable Beers

  • Little Kings Cream Ale
  • Hudy Delight
  • Christian Moerlein Select


  • Little Kings Cream Ale
    • Bronze Medal – 1992 Great American Beer Festival
    • Silver Medal – 1990  Great American Beer Festival
    • Gold Medal – 1989 Great American Beer Festival
    • Gold Medal – 1988 Great American Beer Festival
    • Gold Medal – 1987 Great American Beer Festival
  • Hudy 14-K
    • Gold Medal – 1989 Great American Beer Festival


  • 1986 – Once rivals, Hudepohl and Schoenling merge to become the Hudepohl-Schoenling brewing company.
  • 1997 – Boston Beer buys the brewery in which they were previously contract brewing, Hudepohl-Schoenling was forced to look for other options.  They open their small 10bbl brew system on their former keg dock.
  • 1999 – The brewery is sold to Crooked River and later that same year to Snyder International, all brewing is moved out of Cincinnati.
  • 2005 – The brands are purchased by the new Christian Moerlein Brewing company and Greg Hardman.