The Jackson Brewery has had a long history, and it’s one that has seen several attempts at revival over the years since it’s final closing. This is the original location of the project that would eventually become Urban Artifact who in attempts to move into the space found the renovations were just too costly to make sense. After a massive fire in December of 2019, it remains to be seen if anyone will ever be able to save the space, now.

Other Names

  • The Andrew Jackson Brewery
  • The George Weber Brewing Company
  • Squibb Pattison Breweries

Notable Beers

  • Jackson Pure Old Lager Beer


  • 1829 – The brewery is opened by a German man named Schmelzer, originally called the Andrew Jackson Brewery.
  • 1832 – Schmelzer sells the brewery to a man named Klopf.
  • 1854 – Klopf sells the brewery to brothers Meinrad and Fridolin Kleiner.
  • 1855 – The brewery was named the Jackson Brewery.
  • 1859 – The main brewhouse was built on Mohawk st. and large houses were built for their families close by to the East.
  • 1871 – By this time the brewery was the fifth largest in town.
  • 1871 – After the deaths of the Kleiner brothers, George Weber takes control of the brewery for $285,000.
  • 1884 – The company was incorporated, and it’s name was changed to the George Weber Brewing Company.
  • 1885 – The brewery produces 100,000 barrels a year and employs 62 men. Beer was shipped as far as Louisiana.
  • 1887 – The brewery caught on fire and Weber declared bankruptcy.
  • 1889 – Leo A Brigel, E.W. Kittredge and Lawrence Maxwell purchase the brewery and reincorporate the company – they brew Jackson Pure Old Lager Beer.
  • 1919 – The brewery closes due to prohibition.
  • 1934 – After reopening post-prohibition and failing to become profitable, the brewery is once again sold, this time to out of town investors from Detroit, MI. It becomes the property of Squibb Pattison Breweries INC, who add a bottling plant.
  • 1942 – After Squibb Pattison failed again to make the brewery profitable, they are forced to close it for good.
  • 2014 – Urban Artifact tries to save the space for a modern craft brewery and music venue, but finds the costs of renovation of the old space to great to make work.
  • December, 2019 – A massive fire rips through the historic building, with many calling it a ‘total loss’ – it remains to be seen if anything can be salvaged from the beautiful historic building.