All About Mash Cult

Mash Cult is a long story… one that I think so many of us can relate to in a lot of different ways. The brewery was started by Jon Wells and Tony Harrell inside Party Town in Florence, Kentucky. More specifically… it is located in the warehouse of the store.

It’s a strange location, one that has certainly made it a little difficult to grow in the same way that a lot of other Cincinnati breweries have been able to. That doesn’t mean they’re not awesome, though. This brewery is the real deal.

The brewery has been beaten down with bad luck, bad timing, and tragedy all through their life – but they aren’t giving up yet – they are still at it.

Head Brewer Tony Harrell is again behind the mash paddle, brewing creative ideas that push style boundaries and remind people that you don’t have to be the biggest to get people talking about you!

What’s Mash Cult Like?

As I mentioned before, they don’t really have a taproom, so it’s hard to describe what the brewery is actually ‘like”…  It is a lot like a growler station in a liquor store. The beer though?  The beer is an ever-evolving mixture of “weird” beers that straddle style guidelines and touch on all the wacky ideas that pop into Tony’s head at any given moment.

The Mash Cult Brewing Company Timeline

  • January 2015 – After the idea was suggested by Party Town’s general manager, the brewery “opens” for business.  Their first beer sold was an American Brown Ale called Brownin’ Out.
  • December 2015– Mash Cult is voted the best brewery in Cincinnati by Cincinnati Magazine, giving them some well-deserved attention.
  • February 4, 2017 – Rummin’ With The Devil is released as Mash Cult’s first ever bottle release.  It’s a big Belgian Quad in wax sealed bombers. (You can see more about their packaged releases here)
  • Fall, 2022 – After a long hiatus, and “closure” – the brewery returns firing up the brewhouse once again.