All About Mt. Carmel Brewing Company

Mt. Carmel Brewing company is the oldest locally owned craft brewery in Cincinnati, and it’s amazing to see that no place has managed to recreate the magic of their experience to this day.

The brewery started in the basement of the farmhouse that now serves as the taproom by the Dewey family.  They have managed to capture the magic that makes their idea special, and roll with it… Mt. Carmel is something special that you have to experience to understand.

What’s Mt. Carmel Like?

Mt. Carmel has the ability to make you forget that you are smack dab in the middle of the busy Cincinnati craft beer scene.  Things seem to slow down, and get quieter when you step foot on their porch or their patio for a drink.  You can spend time with friends or family, or maybe just watch the fountain in their pond if you’d rather – either way… porch sitting at Mt. Carmel is an experience that is unique to any place here in town.

The Mt. Carmel Brewing Company Timeline

  • May 2005 – Mt Carmel opens their doors as a production brewery in the basement of the Dewey’s farmhouse.
  • 2009 – The brewery gets a bottling line, making distribution a lot easier, and drinking a lot more convenient!
  • 5/10/2012 – Governor John Kasich visits Mt. Carmel to help them christen their taproom, after his signing of a law that made it possible.
  • 2013 – The brewery launches their Snapshot Series, showcasing limited release beers.
  • 2014 – Mt Carmel expands the brewery building, and adds on a huge patio, creating the ‘Mt. Carmel feeling’ that so many people have fallen in love with.
  • Winter 2018 – The brewery breaks ground on a big ‘Multi Year’ expansion project that includes more parking and a new taproom expansion.