All About Narrow Path

Narrow Path nailed the community aspect of craft breweries, finding a neighborhood that not only needed a brewery, but was chomping at the bit for one.  They moved into Loveland, Ohio and capitalized on the active outdoors lifestyle of many Loveland residents by locating themselves right on the bike path.  They’ve now become an extremely popular summer time hangout with a big outdoor space, as well as a comfortable refuge when the weather isn’t as nice.  They keep a rotating list of beers to make sure that every type of drinke can find something that they’ll be happy with.

What’s Narrow Path Like?

To talk about the narrow path experience is in a lot of ways to talk about their outdoor space.  They have a big backyard on the back of their brewery that backs up to the Loveland bike trail, opening them up to a perfect place to hang out in the warmer months.  They are also only a block away from the Little Miami river if you’re into the canoe/kayak scene.

The indoor space is small but features a few big community tables and plenty of standing space with drink rails around the space.  The aesthetic is warm and inviting, with lots of warm wood, and dark stone accents next to the bright stainless tanks tucked into one corner of the brewery.  It’s comfortable, yet they’ve managed to pack a lot into a small building.

The Narrow Path Brewing Company Timeline

  • December 2016 – The brewery starts their soft opening phase.
  • March 17, 2017 – In a perfect St. Patricks Day celebration, the brewery hosts their Grand Opening celebration.
  • March, 2019 – The very first packaging is released from Narrow Path, a small run of bottled beer.