All About Rolling Mill

It’s easy to think that Rolling Mill Brewing Company was all about (and only about) gluten-free beer – I mean, there aren’t many breweries in the country (let alone Middletown, Ohio) that can make that claim. The brewery made it pretty clear that while yes, they made all their beers gluten-free – that’s not what they wanted to be known as.

Rolling Mill wanted to be a brewery that helped to revive the community around them – their community. They tried to use the power of craft beer to bring people together and to build something that the city has long been needing. They wanted their fans to drink their beer because it’s a great beer, not just because it was gluten-free.

What Was Rolling Mill Like?

The Rolling Mill space was a large, open warehouse. You immediately felt familiar with it, as it fits many new craft breweries’ mold. One thing they hung their hat on that you could immediately see is that their taproom was extremely kid and family-friendly – with a “kids corner” dedicated to giving future craft beer fans a place to hang out and do what they do best… play!

The space was split into two main areas: the small bar part of the taproom and a bigger open space next to the brewhouse. It provided a quieter place to sit at the bar and talk to someone or a bigger, louder place if you had a table full of friends wanting to hang out and play board games or watch the game.

The Complete Rolling Mill Timeline

  • 12/15/17 – Rolling Mill’s Grand Opening Celebration
  • 2/23/19 – The first cans are released from the brewery
  • 9/2022 – The brewery announces that it would be closing its doors
  • 2023 – Gravel Road Brewing opens up in the former Rolling Mill Space.