I am preparing you now that you will hear me talk about the Beer Baron Ball more than you want to from now until It happens on September 12th. There is a very good reason, though that I will be talking about it as much as I will be, it’s for the best cause that a Cincinnati beer fan could hope for right now.

Anyone who has been wrapped up in the Cincinnati beer scene in the last few years is most likely familiar with it, but for anyone who might not be, you first need to be aware of the Brewing Heritage Trail. The Brewing Heritage Trail is a physical trail in the brewing district of OTR that will guide tourists through Cincinnati’s very large brewing history via physical interaction with the buildings and areas that were once the epicenter of Cincinnati’s beer scene. The revitalization of this area in Cincinnati has been spearheaded for the last decade or so by the Brewery District Urban Redevelopment Corp. 100% of the proceeds from the ball go towards the design and construction of the Heritage Trail.

So, what is it? What’s the Beer Baron Ball? It’s an annual event at the Horseshoe Casino, that was started last year as a fundraiser. It’s an evening of beer, art, and community all centered around the revitalization of Cincinnati’s beer scene.

So, buy your tickets… get a table. Support Cincinnati Beer!

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