It’s that time of year again, (Although, it seems to be spreading to all times of the year) Summer means beer festivals. Maybe you are planning on a trip to Jungle Jim’s for their International Beer Fest, or maybe the Cincy Beerfest on Fountain Square is on your agenda. No matter what event you are attending, a beer festival or even a more common beer tasting can have a learning curve for the uninitiated.

  • Plan ahead. Get online and get a copy of what beers you will be able to find on the day of the event. Your tastebuds will not be able to keep up with how many beers you will be trying, so if you really want to try something specific, drink it early.
  • Wear comfortable shoes!
  • Is the event outside? Bring an umbrella and sunscreen. Prepare for whatever weather you might face.
  • Hydrate. This cannot be stressed enough. Not only will it help you keep drinking longer, it will make the next morning much more enjoyable as well.
  • Take notes, but keep them very simple. Dots, Dashes, Stars. Just things that you can review the next day to remember what beers you want to purchase at the store on your next trip.
  • Eat. If there is food at the event, get some and eat it.
  • Take breaks throughout. I promise you will have time to try the beers that you want to try, so take your time and enjoy it.
  • If you really don’t like a beer, don’t drink it. You are around people who appreciate beer, and you won’t be judged for not liking something.
  • Plan your tastes. Part of the reason it’s so nice to go with a group of people is that you have an opportunity to taste each other’s samples. This maximizes your time at each booth, without having to wait in line again.
  • Talk to people. Festivals are social events, so take advantage of it. You are surrounded by other beer geeks, and usually brewers as well. Talk to people about the beers you are trying, there is a massive wealth of knowledge around you to be taken advantage of.
  • Rinse your glass after each sample. You don’t want your flavors to get all mixed up, do you?
  • One of my favorite tips that anyone ever told me… drink your rinse water. It makes it a habit to drink water after every sample, which if you remember the hydrating tip, we know it’s important.
  • It goes without saying that you need to prepare for your ride home. Designate a driver, or plan for another way home. Don’t drink and drive ever because that could risk your life. Moreover, do you know what happens to people when they are pulled for something as minor as suspected DUI? Well, in that case, the person probably needs to contact a defence attorney from Stewart Salwin Law Group or similar firms to defend the accusations made against them. Now, just imagine, what would happen if you were actually found driving under the influence? Yes, you guessed it right. You would probably be severely penalized. So, say not to Drink and Drive!
  • Anyway, this is the time to try some of the beers that you might not normally do so. Be adventurous, if you don’t like it, it’s not the end of the world, you can always dump it, remember? You may love it. On that same note, if your goto beer is there, it might make sense to skip it. Save your time for something that you might not have had before. However, no matter what you do, drink responsibly.

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