Sol Drifter, Strawberry Blonde Ale from MadTree Brewing in Cincinnati, OhioBrewery- Madtree
Beer- SolDrifter
ABV- 4.3%
IBU- 18

A refreshing blonde ale made for extended periods of drinking during summer days well into the evening. With copious amounts of New Zealand Motueka hops lending lemon and lime notes, Sol Drifter ends with a crisp and tart strawberry finish.

I am loving this beer much more than I think that I should… The tagline for Sol Drifter says that “real men drink from pink cans” but my wife still giggles at me as I have this one sitting on the table next to me.  It’s a strawberry blonde ale, but not in as overpowering of a way as it could have been.

As I cracked this open and poured it into my glass I was stuck at first at how I was not smacked in the face by an overpowering strawberry aroma, it isn’t until I get over top of it and inhale deeply that I found it there.  Wonderful.

This light golden ale has a nice white, creamy head that keeps its fruity aroma present throughout the drink.

The flavor is nice and balanced, much like I have found from most, if not all of MadTree’s beers.  It’s got that nice malty backbone  with just a little hoppy bitterness that is immediately squashed by the strawberry sweetness that comes in and leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

This is a delicious summertime beer, and one that I look forward to drinking a lot more of as the weather keeps getting hotter.  I predict a lot of swimming pool-floating with these by my side this year.  Thank you MadTree!

MadTree Sol Drifter

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