Eastgate's Beer Cave

How can you start talking about Jungle Jim’s as a beer store without first explaining the store to anyone who hasn’t been there? It’s not really a beer store, it’s not even really a grocery store. It’s a food theme park, or a culinary dreamland. They have foods here that you didn’t even know existed. Make your way around the Fairfield store and you will find a large animatronic Elvis monkey… a singing and swinging Campbell’s soup can… and a firetruck sitting atop the hot sauce shelf. As a beer geek, though, find your way back to the side of the store and you will find a mecca of beverages that will make your knees weak.

Fairfield's Beer Cave

The store was, and I suppose is still, known for their wine department for a long time. They supposedly offer one of the largest selections of wine in the country. In the last couple years, though, the beer selection has really started to grow at an exponential rate, now offering over 4000 varieties of beer.  They take this as seriously as we do, this no joke of a grocery store.


Fairfield's Tasting Bar

If you find yourself on your way to the pool, or a barbecue at a neighbors house, and need to fill your cooler, both stores offer beer caves, full of cold beer, begging to be drunk.

And then, there’s the tasting bar. If you are new to all of this, not sure what styles

you might like, or maybe you aren’t so new to it, and just need to have a beer while you stroll the beer aisles at the store you can grab a sample or a full pint of beer. They fill growlers as well, only filling their own, but offering a great selection of beer to do so (12 taps at Eastgate, and 16 at Fairfield)

Eastgate's Tasting Bar
Eastgate’s Tasting Bar

Jungle’s now offers a weekly pint night, yearly in the summer they play host to the International Beer Fest, and in the winter they host the Barrel Aged Beer Bash. All worthwhile checking out if you are a beer fan.

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