It’s coming! I have been itching for a brewery closer to where I live, and if all goes well Hamilton will soon be home to the Municipal Brew Works. The MBW is a brewery formed by a partnership of six beer lovers, Three of which who call Hamilton home. The brewery will open on High Street right before crossing the bridge to the west side of town. Once open, they will have 12 employees, and aim to produce around 2500 bbl a year. There will of course be an onsite taproom when they finish construction, which is scheduled to start in the spring.

The brewery is the start of a partnership with the Hamilton Mill (A small business “incubator”). The partnership aims to do more than make good beer in a city that has been without a brewery for the last 80 years. They plan on nurturing the brewing culture of Hamilton, with goals of establishing a homebrew club, brewing classes and tasting events. The brewery will also provide small start ups and homebrewers the opportunity to brew limited runs to help get them rolling.

This is a wonderful opening for the city of Hamilton and for those of us who live on the Northern side of the city. Much like the soon to be open DogBerry Brewing in West Chester, and the newly opened Old Firehouse in Williamsburg it’s part of a shift in beer culture in Cincinnati. We are establishing local breweries that not only serve the whole of greater Cincinnati, but are fostering growth in their relative locales. This local “network” of breweries is essential to making Cincinnati a true beer city that will rival any other in our country, and prove all those who think we are in a “beer bubble” wrong.

So stay tuned for updates on the progress of Municipal Brew Works, and spread the word. It’s up to us as drinkers to make this a success! Be Gnarly, and Drink Local!

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