Some people like to walk.

Some people like to get “some fresh air”

Some people think that a stroll down seventeen blocks or so is fun on a chilly winter evening… or a hot summer afternoon.

Some people just want to get from one place to another and have a nice cold beer, and a warm pretzel.

It’s getting hard to avoid the streetcar construction downtown these days.  It’s getting even harder to avoid hearing people talk about the project.  Any given night while you are walking from one of your favorite establishments to another, you are forced to see the work being done, and then to hear your fellow revelers argue about the merit of said project.  For those people who are arguing against it, I submit article 1 in my defense of the street car (actually, it’s my only one, but it’s a good one).


Look at this route closely… look at where it goes.  That’s right, fine reader, the secret is out.  The streetcar is being built for beer.  Cincinnati doesn’t always like to admit it out loud, but we are a beer city.  We have been a beer city historically, but that pales in comparison to what’s about to happen in our future.  We are making a name for ourselves as one of the finest cities to visit for craft beer and the tracks are being laid for the masses of drinkers that will soon crowd our barstools.

There are crowds of people, in their homes, in their local BW3s, maybe even in your own neighborhood who are drinking Bud Light.  They aren’t bad people, they just don’t know any better yet.  You have been able to avoid it all for some time now, but that’s about to change very soon.   They will try a sip of something, and it will change the way they drink.  They will get excited, and they will want more, and more, and then even more.  These masses will need a way to get from one brewery to another, and our streetcar will soon be ready to shuffle them around.

No longer will we drinkers need to brave the cold Cincinnati air, risking the dehydration of our supple skin.  No more will we arrive to our next brewery with sweat soaked shirts in the summer heat.  We will be able finally, to move around from one side of the city to the other.

The time has come…and I eagerly await. Get on board.


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