MadTree Happy AmberBrewery- MadTree
Beer- Happy Amber
Style – Amber Ale
ABV- 6%
IBU- 30

This dry-hopped ale combines carmel and biscuit malt flavors in happy equilibrium with late addition American hops. The approachable balance is intentional although the name is “hoppy accident.”

Happy Amber first hit the MadTree lineup before they even opened their doors.  In fact, Happy Amber was not just the first beer that the brewery crafted on their prodcution system when they were opening, it was the first batch to hit both of their production systems (1.0 and 2.0).

Since then, the beer has had it’s fair share of variants hit the draft lines, including the ever popular “Unhappy Amber”, but the shining light in its lifespan has to be when it made the trip out to Denver in 2018 and won a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the ESB category.

My Thoughts On MadTree Happy Amber

The beer is beautiful in your glass, Copper, reddish colored with a big, foamy, light tan head.

I get a ton of rich malty aromas, including a really nice earthiness that is all but lost in a lot of “modern” Amber ales.  There is definitely a hoppy presence to the beer, though.  Citrus notes dance on top of everything.

The taste is nice and balanced, with grassy earthiness playing perfectly with the bready maltiness.  I love this beer… while it might not be the most exciting thing that you can fill your glass with, it’s also definitely not one to pass up when you’re looking for something refreshing but full flavored.

Happy Amber by MadTree brewing

MadTree Happy Amber, Gnarly Style

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