Brewery – Rhinegeist
Beer – Dad
Style – Hoppy Holiday Ale
ABV – 6%
IBUs – 48

Hi Thirsty, I’m Dad.

This Hoppy Red Ale sports a robust malt bill as ample and snug as a well-worn flannel. Throwing on a pair of oversized sneakers that break all known fashion laws, Dad mows acres of dank, piney hops, uphill both ways in the snow. Keep it up—I’ll turn this can around.

Dad is a perfect example of what made people fall in love with Rhinegeist from the beginning. It’s a winter beer, sure… but it has it’s own personality. Bucking the trend of over-spiced winter warmers, Dad is definitely something a little bit – Unique.

The beer made its debut in the winter of 2013, and turned quite a few heads when they took a great bready, caramel malt body coupled up with piney hops and used the combination to celebrate the winter season.

Once the beer hit it’s now beloved plaid cans for 2014, it opened up new doors for it to form a real personality in Cincinnati. It has since spawned it’s own day at the brewery where fans dress up in their best plaid, bring their Dads out to the brewery and spend a day celebrating in style. How many beers can you say that about?

My Thoughts on Rhinegeist Dad

I really enjoy this beer, and it seems that I forget how much so every summer until the weather turns and it’s released. As my lips meet my first pint of the year my heart picks up a bit and a smile crosses my face.

I missed you.

The reddish brown beer boasts a bold, foamy tan head on top.

Aromas drift from orange, to pine to a deep breadiness that is tucked away behind the hoppy story.

This beer is solid, well balanced and stands out in a crowd of familiar winter beers. It’s unique. It’s special. I am thoroughly impressed with it.

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