Although it’s not the biggest drinking holiday of the bunch (I think it “officially” comes in 10th place) there is no denying that the Superbowl is important for drinkers, as much as it is for sports fans.

That’s where I come in

I have done the hard work for you, and now you only need to take my advice as the gospel and do what I say to make sure that your party goes off without a hitch, and keeps all your drinking friends happy and satisfied.

Hudy Delight

I can hear your audible groaning already, and just trust me on this. You need some light beer…you need some cheap light beer more specifically. Hudy might not be brewed in the city currently, but I give it a free pass because it’s about as Cincinnati as light beer can really get. It’s a Cincinnati staple that will satisfy those guests that you are bound to have at a Football gathering.

Hell… I’m going to go one step further and suggest that you might drink a few yourself. You’ll be surprised at how easy it goes down when you are staring at a 65inch LED tv with the most American of sports flashing in front of your eyes.


Mt. Carmel Amber Ale

You will have people at your party that are not afraid of craft beer, but who aren’t hop fans…who don’t like “dark beers” and the like. Instead of using this opportunity to argue, and try to get them to drink something else, just make them happy. Mt. Carmel’s Amber ale isn’t going to upset anyone, it’s satisfying, easy drinking and most definitely local.

Stock up.

Rhinegeist Panther Porter

When I’m watching football, I don’t often want a big dark beer…but that doesn’t mean I don’t expect that there will be someone who wants something a little roasties…a little chocolatier than the lagers that so many people drink up when watching the game. So make ’em happy… buy some Panther and prevent disappointment before it happens.

Rivertown Lil Sipa

Hopheads rejoice… we need an IPA in our cooler, but we also need to remember that not every one is able to, or remembers to take Monday off of work. We need to provide something with a good hop character that won’t make the morning miserable. Lil Sipa meets that bill amazingly for me. Cans or bottles…it doesn’t matter too much, this beer is delicious.

MadTree Gnarly Brown

Here’s a beer that will give something for the people that just need something with a little more balls than the other picks… It’s amazing with some of the wings and appetizers that we will all be shoveling in our faces all night. Gnarly Brown will keep the beer fans happy all night.

Bonus Picks

Ok…so I lied about only 5 picks. These are two picks that I would swing by and pick up if you are out on Saturday afternoon in a growler. Growlers are fun for people who aren’t super familiar with craft beer…they are fresh and they are delicious.

Hoser Gose

This is a great beer that is a unique style for a lot of people… Big wheaty body, slight tart flavor and some saltiness that ties it all together. It’s unique…and it goes down really smooth which is perfect for a Football game.

Listermann Nutcase

Peanut Butter Porter. Do I really need to tell you anything else about this beer. If you have guests that haven’t tried this yet…it’s going to blow their socks off. It’s always nice to have a beer in your rotation that will confuse, excite and get people talking about something other than your drunken Brother the next day whilst remembering your party. Nutcase will do it perfectly.

So, there it is… The perfect line-up for your Superbowl cooler. It’s hard work being known as a “beer person” because people walk into your home with expectations for what they are going to be drinking. Don’t let them down. Go get a few bags of ice…wipe down your trusty cooler and represent better beer. But even if the Bengals aren’t at the big game…make sure that Cincinnati is at your party, DRINK LOCAL!

Did I miss anything that you have to have stocked in your cooler? Leave a comment and let everyone know your must haves.

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