InsurrectionQueen City Fresh teased you about this one when he first reported about the changes that were going on at Rivertown back in November.  Another of one of their moves that has re-instilled by confidence that Rivertown is a huge part of not only what Cincinnati Beer has been, and currently is, but that they are going to be a major player in what Cincinnati Beer is going to be in the coming years.

Insurrection is an Imperial IPA that sounds delicious.  The label reads:

The rebirth of an original, a rebellion against what was and is no longer.  Brewed with Galaxy, Citra and Columbus hops partnered with an inconspicuous malt profile, Insurrection is an Imperial India Pale Ale brewed to stealthily assault the palate with dry, dank flavors and just a hint of sweetness on the back end.

I’m not sure about you…but I just set up camp at my local bottle shop to wait for this to hit the shelves, and since the label just popped up… we can hope that that release is coming soon.

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