Bardwell01It might not really be “Cincinnati” as much as I typically write about a little outside of the 30 mile radius that I usually consider “local”(this is as the crow flies…before I get the people arguing distance), but I feel like this new brewery is an important part of what I consider the “Cincinnati Puzzle”, the bigger picture of it all.

Bardwell wines started up as Bardwell Real Estate, and in 2008 as the Real Estate industry took it’s big hit, they used the opportunity to take a hobby and turn it into something that they could serve people with… they opened Bardwell Winery.  They have been serving the small community of Mt. Orab since then with their winery, which as they describe it is a “quaint place to enjoy a nice vintage and a tasteful meal.”  The good news for us, is that they have taken their business a step further, and opened up a very small brewing operation.

Their brewery is currently offering 3 different beers, all of which are going to be available in bottles for you to take home, without having the opportunity to try the beer for myself yet, you’ll have to rely on the descriptions of the beer from the brewery themselves… but so far they all seem to be fairly middle of the road, easily approachable beers, that will fit into a category that will attract new drinkers to craft beer, and grow their fan base from current “macro drinkers”.

All in all, sounds like a great addition to Mt. Orab, and again…filling in the voids in the Cincinnati area with smaller breweries, designed to meet the needs of their respective communities seems to be the trend so far of 2015.  I will keep you updated with anything I learn about Bardwell Brewing, and give you an update when I actually get to try these brews!

You can visit their website here, but be aware, they have been really busy and their is no mention of beer yet… They are located at 716 N. High Street in Mt. Orab if you want to venture out there for a taste, you can even make a day of it, and visit Mt.Carmel, and The Old Firehouse while you are making the trip.

Orabian Dark – This is a Mild, “known for its low level of hop character. It has grainy to toasty malts present, but expect some body from the high level of dextrins produced in brewing.” ABV is 6.5%
Golden Buggy Lager – featuring a “significant flavor, full of noble hop varieties, with moderate bitterness and a solid malt body”, the ABV of this comes in around 5-6%
Bronco Beer – An Irish Red with a “well rounded, balanced flavor and a pleasant toasted malt character”, also coming about 5-6% ABV




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