Great Crescent Blonde AleBrewery- Great Crescent
Beer- Blonde Ale
ABV- 5.3%
IBU- 22

Great Crescent Blonde Ale is a German Kolsch Style beer fermented with British Ale yeast to create a true hybrid type beer that is clear, slightly malty with medium hop aroma and relatively low bitterness. German Perle hops are used for bittering and German Hersbrucker hops are used for flavor and aroma.

Every brewery needs a “gateway beer”, and I say that with all good intentions.  Great Crescent Blonde Ale is their gateway beer.. is sweet and extremely drinkable, especially on a hot summer day relaxing in the shade of an umbrella out in front of the brewery.  There is a nice grassy quality to their blonde ale that just tastes “fresh” and thirst quenching.

This beer can best be described as refreshing… you only want more!

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