Push Reel PilsnerYou might have read last week on Queen City Fresh that the next release from the Limited Can series from Christian Moerlein is looking to be their Push Reel Pilsner.

This is hot on the heels of two fantastic previous releases in the series, their Bay of Bengal Double IPA and their Handlebar Double Stout, and the series marks the first time that Moerlein has put any of their beers into cans.  What we’re starting to figure out this week, though is that it’s most likely going to be here to stay.

Moerlein Red Hop MessYou may have stumbled across their Red IPA “Red Hop Mess” already around town, but if you payed attention you would see that this isn’t part of their limited series… this can is part of something else…something new.  This is part of a new Christian Moerlein that is positioning itself to compete with the new kids around town.  And their next move has been revealed this week too… another new can!

It looks like the next in their can series is going to be a Pale Ale called Altered.  The can reads:

Good beer should be enjoyed with good friends.  We took this to heart when we asked two of our brewers, who have been lifelong friends, to create a new altered view on pale ale.  Altered Pale Ale is a unique blend of 2-Row and Wheat Malt, with an abundant use of hand-selected hops alongside our main ingredient: Friendship.  Christian Moerlein Altered Pale Ale is the hoppy equivalent to a tight group of besties.  Keep your friend’s close, and this can even closer.

Now… I’m not 100% sure what friendship tastes like… but I do know what hoppy wheat beers taste like, and I love them, so I’m looking forward to tasting this new offering from Christian Moerlein.  It’s getting to be (if it wasn’t already) a very exciting time to be in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Moerlein Altered Pale
The Christian Moerlein Altered Pale Ale


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