What a journey!  The first episode of Cincy Brewcast explores how each of us got to this point in time.  Our fearless leader Mike Cisneros, Tina Cisneros, myself, the Gnarly Gnome and our fourth panelist Chris Kambouris.  We talk about what got us “into craft”, and what got us into this show.  We’ll explore what this show might look like, and how it all plans on coming together over time, as well as drinking a few beers to help pass the time!

Hang with us as we sit around the dining room table, with a recorder placed in between us all and kick things off!

Guests This Week

  • Mike Cisneros
  • Tina Cisneros
  • Chris Kambouris

From The Beer Fridge

  • Mt Carmel – Imperial IPA
  • Christain Moerlein – Bay of Bengal
  • Rhinegeist – Saber Tooth Tiger

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