TheWoodburnBreweryWhat Makes The Woodburn Brewery Special?

I think that what will really make The Woodburn stand out amongst the other fantastic local Cincinnati brewery’s is it’s use of it’s stunning space.  This is a brewery that with every decision that it makes has to think about floor space and keeping as much of it available as possible.  The creative ways that they are going to do that will make this an incredible place to visit and marvel at.  From the ground up, this is being designed as a polished space with a genuine feel to it.  Classy…but still gritty enough for the craft beer world that we all love.  None of this is even mentioning the beer…which although I haven’t had any of it yet, knowing the skills that head brewer Chris Mitchell possess I can only imagine it will be something special as well.

The Space

As I just mentioned before…this is the part that I am so far marveling at.  They are taking a 4000 square foot building that was built in 1909 and as it’s been said “using it like it’s 10,000 square ft”  They will have a big 20bbl brew system in the space with everything that can possibly reside outside, doing so.  This means that you won’t see their grain silo, their glycol chiller etc inside the building at all, they will be tacked on outside somewhere.

The Beer

Here’s where the magic lies for most of us.  What about the beer?  Again, like I said before…none of this is from personal experience, but this is what’s been said so far about what they will be offering.

  • Cedar IPA – Dominant cedar aroma and taste, this beer has won Chris Mitchell many awards so far… excited to try this.
  • Pineapple Saison – Utilizing fresh pineapples, this sounds delicious!
  • Roasted Red – Said to be a Red Ale/Porter hybrid.
  • German Pilsner – Using a German recipe that actually needed translated from German, this could be amazing.

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