Urban Artifact BrewingInformation about the opening night for Cincinnati’s next brewery, Urban Artifact has started to come out, and I’ve learned a little more about what beers we are going to see when they open their doors to the public this Friday.  Urban Artifact (If you haven’t been paying attention) is Cincinnati’s newest brewery which will focus on wild and sour beers.  To get a really good description of them I went straight to the horses mouth and stole this from their website:

Wild, funky, tart, mouthwatering and gossip worthy: Things used to describe the latest pop star gone rogue and more rarely used to describe style-defying beers. Every sip of beer you drink is an experience, much like our taproom, music lounge, performance venue, beer garden and music label (Grayscale Cincinnati), and each one of the unique shows or performances you attend. Our beers are inspired by our lifestyle, by the culture and community that we define, and by the microscopic natural world around us. We brew beers that can’t be tamed, that never fail to refresh the body and spirit, and that require one to experience the liquid in their glass.


Like us, all our beers are wild. That means, in one way or the other, each and every one of our beers is brewed with locally caught wild yeast, bacteria, or mixed cultures of both. With micro-floral creatures such as Saccharomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, and Brettanomyces, it is the brewer’s job to get these wild microorganisms to create flavors that are tart and crisp, tropical and wild, and downright funky. It is the ultimate way to truly express a sense of place in our beers, to create beers that form with you a lasting experience, that have the effect of taking you to our brewery, taproom and venue with every sip. At the end of the day, here in the brewery, it is all about our microscopic wild friends.

Needless to say, beer nerds are excited to see what this brewery is going to be pumping out into the local market… take a deep breath, nerds… here it is:

The Flagships


A copper ale with slight corn sweetness balanced by tartness. An aroma of subtle fruit, earthy hops, and cedar.

Story: No longer does corn shine vibrantly with blues, reds, and yellows. The beauty was lost some time ago just as many great styles of beer were during prohibition. Maize revitalizes the long-lost Kentucky Common style originating just down the road in Louisville, Kentucky.

ABV: 5.3% pH: 3.56


Hops lead this Berliner Weisse variant. A nose of lemon, grapefruit, and citrus is accompanied by bursting hop flavor and a malty backbone.

ABV: 5.4% pH: 3.52



Our Gose comes from a deep German brewing heritage. A bready fragrance with fruity esters compliment biscuit, salt, and refreshing tartness.

Story: This gose is reminiscent of a simpler time, when a harrow was horse drawn, prepping the fields for the very wheat that give this beer its distinct flavor.

ABV:4.3% pH: 3.44

In addition to the flagships, I was extremely excited to learn of a few limited, uncommon and nitro offerings that will be available that night as well.

The Limited Beers:

Kodiak: This is said to be a “Tart Brown”

Coffee Kodiak: Their “Tart Brown” with an addition of coffee from Deeper Roots coffee – so excited to try this… this is something that I, and I’m sure that most of us haven’t had before.

Uncommon Beers:

Shoehorn: Brown Porter

Axl: Barrel Aged wild Red IPA

Thoroughbred: Barrel Aged Kentucky Common w/ Brett

Nitro Beers:

Alright, nitro fans…here’s what the brewery will be offering on their nitro taps for your enjoyment!

Kodiak – Tart Brown

Maize – Kentucky Common



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