For this weeks #TapTuesday Urban Artifact is letting loose with two great sounding beers.

Caballito from Urban ArtifactCaballito

Caballito is a Gose made with the addition of Tequila staves.  I have heard rumors about this for a while now…and am pretty excited to get the chance to try it for myself.  Gose? Tequila? Yes, Please.

Keep in mind that this isn’t going to be a tequila stave beer like the Oculto that you might have seen in your corner gas station.

This beer is part of their new Tap Tuesday series, where they will be tapping a new beer every week at the brewery…so stay tuned each week to see what exciting stuff they are bringing.

Clothesline from Urban ArtifactClothesline

Also tonight, they are bringing their new Clothesline Rye Saison out for us.  I reported about this one last week and have been salivating at the thought of it since!

Again…this beer is part of a beer series: Their Farmhouse series, which will continue throughout the year offering different takes on Farmhouse style beers.




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