Brewery – Christian Moerlein
Beer – Strawberry Pig
ABV – 4.9%
IBUs – 15

Each spring, we honor Cincinnati’s historical nickname by brewing a small batch of our favorite cream ale recipe, affectionately named “The Pig”. In 2014, we decided to age The Pig with a strawberry infusion. The resulting beer was so fantastic, we knew we had to share it with beer drinkers everywhere! Strawberry pig has a refreshingly light body and fruity finish that pairs particularly well with people, parties and the thaw of spring.

While this was created at the Moerlein lager house in 2014 as a draft only experiment, it was such an immediate hit that the brewery new it had to make it into cans as soon as possible, which is how it became a summertime staple in my house.

2015 brought this beer to Christian Moerlein’s seasonsal lineup by way of their ‘Limited Release Can Series’ of 12oz cans.

The bright, cartoony artwork has since become a beacon of warmer weather and swimming pool afternoons to come, and is a welcoming site on store shelves each spring as it shows up.

My Thoughts On Moerlein’s Strawberry Pig

This is not a big fruity slushee of a beer… it’s light, crisp and refreshing which is exactly what I want when I am sitting in the sun drinking a couple of beers.

In the glass is bright and clear, a yellow fizzy beacon of refreshment.

Aromas are grassy and a touch of fruit tucked away. It smells like it might have a touch of tartness to it.

The flavor is sweet and grainy, with a blast of strawberry flavor at the end. It’s got a lingering finish of fruitiness and reminds me of a dessert.

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