RhinegeistCiderI am not sure why people weren’t making a bigger deal about this back in May when Beer Mumbo wrote about some Rhinegeist updates, and threw the nugget out there that they were working on ciders… but the time has come for the Over The Rhine brewery to unveil their first two ciders to the public.  With a surprise Facebook and twitter announcement late last week the have unveiled two different ciders brewed with fresh apples from the Pacific Northwest, the two ciders are:

  • Semi-Dry – this coms in at 6.2% abc, and has a clean finish with subtle sweetness that cider fans will be craving.
  • Dry-Hopped – this is their cider with a generous addition of Centennial hops added in dry-hopping.  This provides a nice bracing dry finish with a citrus overtone to the semi-dry cider.

They are working on continued development of the recipes, and some more tweaking what they already have, so stay tuned for more news on it!

In Mumbo’s article in May,he mentioned that we could be seeing these in cans as early as this fall… this would be fantastic, filling a void in Cincinnati that I know a lot of people will be happy to see filled.  Time will tell… my eyes are peeled for shure.

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