Ei8htBall - ProdigalBrewery- Ei8ht Ball
Beer- Prodigal
ABV- 6.5%
IBU- 45

Hopped how we like, Prodigal is malty sweet with a bunch of floral goodness. This is one fine American Pale Ale. Prodigal is made with the same mash bill but rotating hop profile.

It’s hard to put forth a good review of a beer that is constantly changing, but that’s exactly the point of Prodigal.  This is an American Pale Ale… and it’s almost always around 6-6.5% ABV and about 45 IBUs.  That much stays the same.  They try to keep the rich biscuity malt profile to remain the same as well.

Where this beer takes off is in it’s hop profile, which is the real centerpiece to who the beer is.  This beer doesn’t just have character, it’s become a character within itself, developing a full on personality that shifts and changes over time.  You will always know about what it’s going to be like, but never really sure to what degree, just like a person.

It’s the first beer in cans from Ei8ht Ball, but it’s not going to be their last… pick some up when you see it, and let us know what it’s like, because there’s no telling what the brewers will have thrown into this ever changing brew.  Cheers!



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