Fifty West Rainbow RoadBrewery- Fifty West
Beer- Rainbow Road
ABV- 3.8%
IBU- 42

This easy-drinking hopped-up session IPA may be light in color but is packed full of lemony herbal notes and subtle strawberry flavors derived from Lemondrop and Azacca hops. Expect a dry, crisp finish that will leave you wanting another…and another.

It’s amazing to see how a brewery can pack so much flavor into a session IPA – which this is one of the finest examples of.  Fifty West Rainbow Road is full of wonderful fruity flavors, bringing a citrus and berry flavor that can’t be beat on a hot day.

Crisp and dry is the perfect way to describe the finish, it’s clean and tows the line between full flavored and easy drinking fantastically.  Session IPA or not, this is a damn good beer, and one you shouldn’t pass up.  Brilliant choice for them to put this into their very limited can series, this goes well on the beach or the lake, or sitting next to a swimming pool on a hot sticky summer day.


Fifty West Rainbow Road

Fifty West Rainbow Road

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