Rivertown PumpkinBrewery- Rivertown
Beer- Pumpkin
ABV- 5.2%
IBU- 28

A little bit of trick combined with a whole lot of treat, our spice infused Pumpkin Ale blends dark sugars, fresh pumpkin and a selection of memorable harvest spices that come together in a well balanced, medium bodied, rich, copper hued ale. With just enough sweet to balance out the spice, this is how we do pumpkin pie.

This beer causes quite a stir in Cincinnati.  There are lovers and just as many haters of Pumpkin beers, but for those of us who love the style for it’s brief fall appearance, this is always a staple in our beer fridges in the fall.

Rivertown manages to brew a pumpkin beer that is full of pumpkin pie flavor without it being overpowering on either the pumpkin or the spices.  This is a pumpkin beer that you are able to drink a few of without getting overwhelmed.  Light aromas remind me of Thanksgiving dessert, and when you sip it the flavor slowly washes over your palate with a refreshing burst of fall spice.  Pick up a sixpack or two of this as soon as you are ready to admit that summer is losing it’s grip on the city and being replaced with the warm sun and cold breezes of the fall.

Rivertown Pumpkin

Rivertown Pumpkin

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