Oh Braxton… with all your social media teasing you are lucky we haven’t “stormed” the brewery and demanded you tell us what you are up to.  Lest that actually happen, the brewery has luckily (for us and them alike) decided to finally let the cat out of the bag about what’s been going with all these damn barrels we keep seeing.

They are kicking off what they are calling The Heritage Series with a release of four different beers, three of them being barrel aged… all of them being monsters.

Braxton Barrel StencilAbout The Beers

The Beers are going to be released in 22oz, hand numbered bombers starting at noon during their block party (I’ll get to that in a moment).  They have said that Braxton Builders (those of us who donated to their kickstarter campaign) will get first dibs on the bottles, but haven’t told us details about that yet.  The bottles are as follows:

  • Dark Charge Imperial Stout
  • Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
  • Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Vanilla
  • Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Starter Coffee

They will also have the new beers on tap, with the tappings being staggered throughout the day during the party – Oh… the party!

The Block Party

Braxton is also throwing a block party to celebrate repeal day, which is December 5th. The party, which you can read about here is not only centered around the brewery themselves, and the beer release.  They are very big on their authenticity, and constantly strive to remember not only who they are now with their meteoric growth here in town, but where they came from, back in the garage.  Part of the garage is the people around you… friends and neighbors stop by…especially if you are having a party.  Keeping with this, Braxton is of course inviting some of their friends and neighbors to take part in the event:

  • Blank Slate
  • Central State
  • Ei8ht Ball
  • Jacki O’s
  • MadTree
  • Moerlein
  • New Belgium
  • Rhinegeist
  • Rivertown
  • Upland
  • West Sixth
  • Widmer Brothers

These friends and neighbors have been crucial to Braxton getting to where they are, so it only makes sense that the brewery would pay homage to them with an event like this.  But… it is still a celebration of the new beers from Braxton, so in honor of that many of the above breweries will have some barrel aged goodies for you to try.

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