Let’s just get this out here first… there have been a lot of label approvals going through lately- That doesn’t mean the cans or bottles are coming out soon. I say this because I know we all get our hopes up.  This just means that the brewery in question has received approval to be allowed to release the beer, and in the case of Old Firehouse, they aren’t even close to having cans rolling out their door yet – but… it’s coming.

Code 3 is one of their staple beers, and the first beer that was brewed in their taproom when the opened last year.  It only makes sense that it’s looking like it will be their first can when they start releasing them soon.  The beer comes in at 5.2% ABV and a nice, easy drinking 18IBUs and the can describes it as:

Code 3: A well balanced, decidedly delicous, malt forward copper color red ale, with a dry roasted finish.

Keep your eyes peeled right here on the blog for more details of when you’re going to be able to see this one “in the wild”.



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