“Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Not to be sacrilegious, but though Christ turned water into wine, he wasn’t a Home Brewer. We meet two of the best in the beer judging business tonight–Evan Rouse, who’s day job just happens to be as Head Brewer at Covington’s Braxton Brewing and Jody Grenert, award winning home brewer and organizer of the annual Ohio Brew Week home brew competition. We talk styles, how competitions are organized and how we all can be better beer consumers by using beer judging criteria to understand what we are tasting. Evan also brought a great surprise; a pre-release preview of Braxton’s new “Level” Belgain Saison. This dry, spicy and crisp saison goes on tap Friday, October 23 at Braxton, but you can find out what we think of it on this program. Plus a lot of goings on in “This Week In Beer” including our participation in “Fresh Fest 2015” where CIncy’s “Craft Beer Media” spike kegs of Madtree “Lift” with strange flavors, and stand around feeling self-important!

Guests This Episode

  • Evan Rouse – Braxton Brewing
  • Jody Grenert – Ohio Brew Week

From The Beer Fridge

  • Braxton – Level
  • Shayne Brammer – Gose
  • Shayne Brammer – Espresso Stout

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