Moerlein-TBirdBrewery- Christian Moerlein
Beer- T-Bird
Style- Wet Hopped Pale Ale
ABV- 5.8%
IBU- 50

Long summer days spent laboring over the vines are but a fleeting memory in the minds of the hard-working hop farmer.  The harvest is now upon us and we have brewed a Pale Ale to commemorate this great season.  T-Bird is a harmonious blend of proprietary and fresh Ohio-grown hops giving it’s medium malt body a splash of earthy, spicy notes with an essence of lime and pear.  T-Bird Harvest Ale is the fruit of the summer’s labor.  Crack open a can and enjoy the Harvest.

What’s a fall seasonal?  I suppose that there are few different answers that you’ll hear when you ask that question – Pumpkin beers, Oktoberfest Lagers.  Me?  I’m likely to start screaming about Wet Hop Beers.

This is Christian Moerlein’s seasonal ‘Hop Harvest Ale’ a wet hopped pale ale that I was thrilled to see in packaging this year!

My Thoughts On Christian Moerlein’s T-Bird

In the glass, T-Bird looks stunning with a clear orange body and a big fluffy off white head perched atop the glass with the fresh hop aromas jumping off of it.  The aromas are a blend of earthiness kissed by a fresh bouquet of fruitiness that reminds you of the summer months that have come and gone for another year.

This isn’t overly bitter, like many people associate “hoppiness” with…instead it’s a balanced dance of the earthiness and fruitiness ricing gracefully with an underlying malty bread sweetness.  All this in punctuated by a brisk snap and a lingering fruit on the palate.  Wonderful beer… an homage to the seasonal joy of hop harvest time.  Fresh like nothing else can really hope to be!



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